mercredi 26 décembre 2012

sliced chicken breast with truffle cream

 (English version of the previous recipe)

The soil of lorraine is rich in natural treasures, and truffles are one of them, especially in Meuse, where two varieties of this divine mushroom are cultivated... -Tuber uncinatum / Tuber mesentericum-
I used truffe de Meuse (mesentericum) for the dish, but this is non exclusive, and, of course, very much depends on the tastes of  the cook, his wife... and her lover! to make it quick (nothing like a quickie in a cooking session...) the recipe recommends using the truffe de Bourgogne (uncinatum)

serves 4

you will need :

600gr chicken breast
40gr butter
20cl fresh cream
40gr truffle
seasoning (salt-pepper)

1. Two days before, finely chop the truffles and add the fresh cream. Cover with cling film and put in the fridge.

2. On d-day, gently braise the sliced meat with the butter in a frying pan. Season to taste (I add very little salt, but am more generous with the pepper)

3. Three minutes before the meat is fully cooked add the cream with truffles, and lower the heat (truffles are like victorian virgins, very delicate, and would lose their taste if cooked at above 80°!)

that's it! serve with fresh tagliatelles, and enjoy... bon appétit!


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